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TUTORING OF TEACHERS PREPARING FOR CERTIFICATION EXAMS: Most teachers are nowadays required to demonstrate their target language proficiency, by means of passing certification exams such as the Illinois Licensure Testing System.  These exams require preparation, both to become familiar with the exam format and requirements, as well as with polishing your Spanish to the required level. The exams typically consist of comprehension and expression tasks.  Comprehension is usually tested by means of multiple choice questions, which require practice and knowledge of technique to master, in addition to ample vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. The expression tests consist of an oral presentation as well as writing in Spanish, which both require lots of practice with a tutor who can provide feed-back and guidance.

eDELE offers you our extensive experience in exam preparation (i.a. for the gold standard DELE diploma exams of the Spanish education ministry) at our unbeatable rates of only US$10 per hour of actual Skype face-time (which includes, entirely free, our customized in-house study material and our own class preparation and homework revision time). You won't find better value, one-on-one exam preparation help, than our personalized Skype tutoring. Our assistance is available to you at flexible hours in the comfort of your own home.

We offer a free one hour exploratory Skype session, with no obligation, where you can get to know us and our methods, before deciding whether you want to sign up for our services. We invoice monthly for Skype hours actually taken, so there's no deposits or tokens to buy, and no risk for you. 

Certification is essential for your career advancement. We know how important this is to you, from our own experience as teachers and from key team members having had to sit tough Spanish proficiency exams themselves. We therefore can bring you the benefit of both native Spanish-speaker tutoring to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, as well as native English-speaker explanation of challenging concepts and aspects of format and structure, should you need it.Type your paragraph here.

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STA has two specializations:

Tutoring teachers who are preparing for their licensing exams

Tutoring gifted pupils who aren't benefiting from normal classes


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TUTORING OF ADVANCED PUPILS: Due to growing globalization, it is not uncommon for teachers of Spanish to encounter pupils in their classroom who have acquired an advanced level of Spanish from their environment - be it due to parents working abroad, or the demographics of their neighborhood, or family ties.  Other students / parents are familiar with the benefits of a good foreign language pass in the College Board's Advanced Placement Program, and these students are seeking means to improve their Spanish proficiency beyond what may be available in their local school context.

The result is that teachers often encounter situations where the different levels of students in one classroom, cannot be accommodated efficiently in the context of normal curricular teaching aimed at the needs of the majority.

​One possible solution is to seek the help of a teaching assistant who can deal individually with these often frustrated advanced students. However, it is not always possible for a school to locate and employ on site, an assistant who is a native speaker and qualified to teach at the required level. 

eDELE and the wonder of the internet, with facilities such as Skype, provide an affordable, practical and academically sound solution.

In partnership with  the teacher, the student and his/her parents, we can develop a personalized curriculum and course content (based on individual level and the outcome the student is striving to achieve), to be tutored to him/her via Skype during the regular class hours for Spanish for his/her grade. In this way the teacher is free to focus on the needs of the general class, whilst the advanced student is assisted in an affordable (US$10 p.h.) and goal-oriented manner. Our Dr. Willem Steenkamp (photo above right) will engage with the student, teacher, parents and tutor in English to design an appropriate course and content, taking into account whether the ultimate goal is the US College Board's AP Spanish Language exam or the internationally recognized Spanish DELE exam (both being very similar in their emphasis on testing the practical ability to communicate effectively, rather than merely formal grammar).  The tutoring will be headed up by Mónica Mendez de Steenkamp (photo above left), who studied at the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City; she is a qualified school teacher who has been teaching Spanish as foreign language since 1997. Regular testing of the student's progress is done via the setting and review of homework, as well as simulated AP or DELE exams - these serve not only to familiarize the student with the format, but provide insights into weaknesses that need addressing so that the course content can continuously be suitably adapted.

Our Skype sessions are heavily biased towards conversation, in order to focus on the very important elements of vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as to provide real-time correction and grammatical structure to the student (who may have picked up Spanish informally from his/her social environment).  We aim to impart knowledge as well as confidence - the latter coming from practicing to speak the language and thereby learning it, rather than learning the language from books, in order then to try and speak it.

​The consultative interview (via Skype) and the first hour's lesson are free  and without obligation, serving as a demonstration of our capacity and a test of compatibility - parents are free to decide not to proceed beyond that, if not satisfied.

​Thank you for your time, and for considering eDELE.


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​​This is what Ruth Babcock (LCSW), a School Social Worker from Franklin Park School District #84 in the Chicago area, had to say about our tutorial services:

I am a licensed clinical social worker and a school social worker. With eDELE / Monica's invaluable one-on-one support, I was able to pass the Illinois State Language Proficiency Exam which consisted of reading comprehension, writing and speaking. Monica's lessons were far superior to courses I had taken at universities and private language schools. Her Skype lessons are the next best thing to being in the country itself. I would highly recommend Monica as a Spanish tutor.  

(Monica - photo left top - is our head tutor; she's a qualified teacher who has been teaching Spanish as foreign language since 1997. 
Dr. Willem Steenkamp - photo right top - a former ambassador and head of South Africa's Diplomatic Academy, is our Director of Studies).