RATES: Our rates for our different courses packages  include  our in-house study materials, as well as our own time invested in developing your personalized study plan, in preparing for your Skype sessions and in reviewing your assignments and mock exams.

Standard courses: The standard all-inclusive rate per hour of actual Skype interface time, is US$11.00 (eleven dollars) as of 1 April 2018. This applies to all course packages, except DELEhelp (our exam prep division, focused on helping you pass the DELE, SIELE, OPI and the like).

DELEhelp: You will understand that the exam acing help which our senior tutors provide, requires much more review and class prep time from our tutors. DELEhelp students of necessity also receive many more in-house resources from us. The DELEhelp rate is US$12.00 per hour, as of 1 April 2018. Furthermore, because DELEhelp students receive all their resources and diagnostic up front when signing up with us (i.e., upon saying "yes, I want your help" after their initial free exploratory Skype session) there is an initial payment of US$48-00 required for DELEhelp. Once you've paid the initial PayPal invoice for signing up, you will receive your "Welcome Aboard" e-mail with all the resources linked to for free download. This amount of US$48 is credited to your account, and covers the in-house resources, diagnostic and study plan, as well as the first four hours of Skype tuition (which means that, in reality, the resources are still free, if you've respected this honor system).

METHOD of PAYMENT: We believe in trust and in keeping things simple: we bill the old-fashioned way, sending you an invoice at the end of each month, for classes actually taught (no coupons).

We also understand that you prefer not to share your bank or credit card information online, especially not sending it to companies in foreign countries.  Therefore we use PayPal, the world's leading payment processor. Each month you will receive a click-to-pay invoice from us through PayPal, with our detailed statement of account attached - the latter showing the hours taken, dates, credits and debits.