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DELE exam curriculum explained
How to design a DELE exam study plan

Dr. Willem Steenkamp, D. Litt. et Phil., DELE C2, is Director of Studies of DELEhelp. He is a retired lawyer / ambassador, who headed the South African Diplomatic Academy. Willem has personal experience of learning foreign languages (he speaks five), and is the coordinator of the SIELE exam center in La Antigua.  Willem designs all our tutoring from the viewpoint of our student's needs.

Monica Mendez de Steenkamp (yes, we are a traditional family firm!) heads our team of tutors. She studied at the Rafeal Landivar university in Guatemala, and has been teaching Spanish as foreign language since 1997.

​Prof. David Gimenez-FolquesPhD, of the Spanish Department at the University of Valencia, Spain, has been a member of the DELE diploma exam tribunal since 2006. David is the author of the leading e-book series of DELE model exams, available for download from Bubok Publishers (

Sarah MendozaM.A. (Linguistics), is an expert in the standardized European foreign language exam system. Sarah, who currently lives and works in London, has foreign language teaching experience on three continents. 

You are serious about passing your DELE / SIELE exam, or the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) or the SAT. You want to prepare well - but you simply don't have the time to fly off to some residential language school (besides, it's costly and probably will see you buried in a group class...). 

More importantly - you're independent, a self-motivator who works well on your own. What you really want is expert help with a personalized study plan based on YOUR strengths and weaknesses, and one-on-one guidance in the comfort of your own home, with flexible hours to meet your busy schedule. They must be able to understand when you need to ask something in English, plus they must be able to explain tricky bits to you in English, with study material in English. And these Skype tutorials mustn't cost more than US$12 per hour. With no hidden costs.

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Scoring criteria for the DELE oral exam

COST: Our online DELEhelp training course is much more affordable per hour than residential group courses - only US$12 per hour. This includes our free study materials, plus our time spent on setting and reviewing coursework and marking mock exams. Por supuesto you are also saving the cost of airline tickets, of lodging abroad, and of being absent from work - because you will be training with us online, from the convenience of your own home.  Our tutors are also able to accommodate highly flexible hours. On our home page you will find information and links to our easy-to-use online scheduling tool for reserving Skype sessions, and to our secure and convenient payment system with PayPal. See our sub-page "rates & payment" for details: CLICK HERE

The initial consultative interview (via Skype) between yourself and your course planner is free and without obligation - serving as a demonstration of our capacity and a test of compatibility. Students are entirely free to decide not to proceed beyond that, if not satisfied. If interested, please complete our contact information form, providing us with the basic information necessary to contact you:

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​Thank you for your time, and for considering eDELE / DELEhelp  - and buena suerte with the  exam!​




Tips for acing the DELE reading comprehension

STUDY PLAN: You know that you can buy model exam papers to practice on, but - without guidance, without someone to turn to with your questions - how can you confidently come to grips with key issues that determine success or failure, such as:

  • knowing the format of the OPI, or the curriculum for each DELE / SIELE level (i.e., the nature and scope of the content it covers?);

  • what are the marking criteria the examiners use? (what are they looking for, and what do they penalize?);

  • how to analyse and de-mystify the multiple choice questions of the DELE / SIELE,

  • how to master the different regional accents and the vocabulary of the wide range of topics that feature in the oral comprehension section of the DELE / SIELE exam, and

  • how to communicate in the desired manner and format, in the DELE "expression in writing" sections? In the oral of the OPI and the DELE / SIELE (after all, communication in any language entails generic presentation skills that go beyond spelling and grammar).

In addition to these big issues, there are very many small, practical ones you need to be aware of: How do OPI interviewers select their question themes? And for the DELE - how long has it been since you last have actually written an exam paper longhand? Will your fingers last; will your writing be legible - will you be able to stick to the strict time frames?

DELEhelp's experienced, hands-on tutors help you with practical, needs-orientated preparation. It's strictly one-on-one, via Skype, designing an individualised programme tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. This is firstly aimed at helping you know and understand the exam format and the curriculum. It helps you to comprehend what the examiners are looking for, and how the scoring works.  And it strives to build your confidence and general communicative skills through constant practice, critiques and realistic exam simulations. These simulation sessions also serve as diagnostic tool, allowing us to continuously identify weaknesses that need to be addressed and enabling us to adapt and personalise the course content accordingly.

TESTIMONIALS: This is what Daniel, who recently passed DELE C1 (on his first try, without having done any previous levels) said about our tuition:"I could not have done it without the rigorous training you and your team put me through. Thank you for everything you all did to contribute to my success with the exam."

Alex, who passed B2, said: Working with Willem and Monica was extremely valuable in my preparations for the DELE B2 exam. I was travelling at the time and they were able to be flexible and work with different time zones and my availability. They tailor the content of the lessons to what the particular student is looking for and to the syllabus of the DELE exam. Having gone through multiple mock exams with Monica, I felt more prepared and confident in tackling the format of the exam on the day. They are truly wonderful people and they made the lessons enjoyable as well as effective in improving my Spanish.

Kevin, who passed A1, said: My first experience with the DELE exam preparation process did not go so well … for a few months I studied when I could find the time and practiced online a bit with native speakers ... When test time came around I did my best and actually enjoyed the exam experience, but, the test was much different than I had anticipated and it I was clearly far from the mark … I failed pretty miserably on all four test sections.  I felt sorry for myself but quickly realized that I just needed a better learning approach. Fortunately for me, the day of my tragic exam experience I met two other, better prepared, test-takers and they told me about their very positive test prep experience using a plan developed for them by the folks at DELEhelp. I enlisted the DELEhelp team within a week … we created a study plan to get me to the A1 level in all categories.  In my case I was strongest in reading and writing, so listening and speaking would be emphasized.  Together we chose an exam date and got to work ... This combination of homework and independent study, along with live review in Spanish with a native speaker worked wonders for me.  I felt quite confident heading into the exam. When I received my results I had a bit of a surprise waiting. I had comfortably passed the reading, writing and listening sections of the exam but I was a bit shocked to find that I had received a perfect score on the oral section (25/25).  My smile muscles severely cramped after an hour or so of constant use ... I now understand that I can continue as far as I want down this path if I am only willing to follow an effective plan and put in the effort required…It’s hard work but it is not magic and it is well worth every minute.

​​TUTORING for RESULTS: At DELEhelp we follow a team approach (i.e., not only your tutor engaging with you, but other "examiners" being brought in for oral exam simulations). And yes, it really is more akin to "rigorous training" than mere language lessons - a kind of intellectual boot camp, optimally conditioning you to give your very best on exam day: mentally, physically and emotionally. Not just as student of Spanish, but as skilled communicator - because these are exams of communicative competency. We want you to be confident in the knowledge that you understand the exam format and scope, as well as its marking criteria - knowing the four equally-weighted scoring criteria and that you will be assessed as much for your coherence, your fluency, and linguistic scope (vocabulary) as for the correctness of your grammar. We want you to know what to expect on exam day, down to the last practical detail. To be totally "up for it", because you've already done it - repeatedly - in our realistic simulations. 

Our native Spanish-speaking tutors will assist you with polishing your language skills where needed. Much of the actual training for acing the exam as such, is done in English - to ensure total clarity.  Our study material also is in English - please see this link for some samples:study material