Individualized tutorial packages designed especially for each student (and his/her spouse if needed)  to conform to the particular needs of his or her vocation / orofession. We focus on relevant vocabulary, realistic role-playing exercises simulating the student's working environment, with emphasis on real-world communication skills instead of just grammar theory. Each individual, personalised study plan is designed by a former ambassador who headed a major diplomatic academy. Our content is practical and relevant. Our hours are completely flexible and our rates unbeatable. We also offer the opportunity of rounding off and embedding your progress with an immersion course at our residential school in La Antigua Guatemala (see below) where you can have your progress SIELE certified.

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Our Spanish courses:

 DELEhelp,  EnviroSpanish,  FLEXI-Spanish,  Vocational Spanish (clergy, medical, military)

Spanish ACCESS (quickly converse),  SpanishTeachAssistant,  Spanish for Business,  BrainGainSpanish

+ Immersion at select locations in HispanoAmerica.


Whichever course framework you choose (for a specific vocation, for exam prep help, or business), each new student is assessed at the outset, to determine your level and your unique goals, aptitude and learning preferences. ​​We are specialized course and content designers, not just another language school. Each student gets a personalized study plan - FREE.  You get our in-house study materials FREE. These are in English. We offer a FREE trial Skype session, conducted in English by a PhD-level academic. The tuition is 1-on-1 via Skype, by an experienced native Spanish-speaking tutor, but with English back-up when needed.

​You can book your lessons (and cancel or change them, without penalty) with our convenient online Scheduler. ​We believe in keeping things simple. So we bill the old-fashioned way: monthly, after having delivered your materials and classes. No coupons to buy. Our study material, class prep / homework review and course design are FREE. We bill ONLY for actual Skype tuition hours. That US$11/12 per hour covers all. There are no hidden extras. You pay securely and conveniently with PayPal. 

How eDELE Spanish works:

​​You're in your golden years; you know the importance of keeping your body fit, as well as your mind... You also now have more free time, and sometimes may feel a little lonely, or maybe just dreaming about new horizons to discover, itching for new challeges...

Well, it's been scientifically proven that there's no better way to keep the brain sharp than regularly practising a new language! We make it fun and interesting, with you and your new Latina tutor-friend having happy chats online, playing intellectually stimulating games and discovering a rich new world of literature, music, art and culture. ​A bonus is your new ability to speak in their language to many of your regular service providers,  such as care-givers - and then to experience their appreciation...




Are you prepping for an exam of Spanish as foreign language? For example, the examen DELE or its new online twin, the SIELE? Or the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) of the ACTFL, or perhaps a U.S. College Board exam such as the AP or SAT?  

You know that these are not examinations of your abstract knowledge of grammar theory. Rather, they test your ability to actually communicate in Spanish - to understand and be understood. Which is very different from normal school or college exams.

Tired of reading? See a 2-min video introducing our DELEhelp division; just click on this link

Unfortunately, there aren't many resources out there to help you prep for something as different as the DELE / SIELE or the OPI - just more grammar handbooks. There's virtually nothing to familiarize you with the unique format of each exam, or the curricula covered by the different DELE / SIELE levels , or the goals of the OPI. Where can you learn what the marking criteria are for these exams, or how to analyse the multiple choice questions of the DELE / SIELE, or how to effectively communicate in their different writing formats? Where can you get a proper DELE / SIELE exam preparation book, in English, FREE? An exam expert with whom to practice for the ORAL exams... 

We at know these challenges first-hand. Our specialized DELEhelp division knows the OPI and the DELE / SIELE from the student perspective (our Director of Studies himself passed the DELE C2). We know what students really want is practical and affordable, one-on-one exam preparation via Skype, in the comfort of your own home. We understand that you need your own personalized study plan based on your particular strengths and weaknesses + dedicated study material in English + experienced tutors, flexibly available.

For more detail about DELEhelp's specialized tutoring, please go to its own sub-PAGE on this website: click on this link 

​​NB: DELEhelp  also has its own BLOG, which is full of exam acing tips and useful links; to check it out, click this link

People in business know that our world has globalized (meaning more foreign trade, but requiring foreign language skills).  At the same time, due to growing innovation, the number of product lines and services have further diversified (thus requiring more specialization in the language needed to sell each). Business Spanish definitely isn't "one size fits all". In business, we know, time is money - and the quickest, most focused results require personalized, one-on-one tutoring, with flexible schedules to fit busy business lives. eDELE is proud to offer all this at US$10 per hour, thanks to our low Guatemala overheads. Our exploratory Skype session is free, without any obligation. Try us.


​eDELE's  partner residential school, located in beautiful, historic La Antigua Guatemala. 

Enjoy family homestay and immersion classes, 1-on-1, while seamlessly using your existing eDELE personalized study plan, material & methodology. PROBIGUA is a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation award winning institution, an ACTFL exam proctor and an accredited exam center for the SIELE exams of the Instituto Cervantes. To see our PROBIGUA sub-page, click on this link

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​Help for teachers who themselves are preparing for certification exams such as the Illinois ILTS target language proficiency test in Spanish - let us help you ace your exam, with our personalized tutoring via Skype. Help also for teachers with frustrated advanced students trapped in their regular classes - let us assist you by tutoring him/her separately online during class time, to the benefit of all. In cooperation with the teacher and parents, eDELE will design for each student (based on individual level and goals) a suitable personal study plan. With regular assessment built in, the tuition will be continuously adapted to ensure the desired outcome. Tuition of teachers can be tailored to individual state standards, and for pupils to the College Board's Advanced Placement program for Spanish Language, or (for private schools) the Oral Proficiency Interview - OPI - of the ACTFL; alternatively, we can help you succeed in the internationally recognized DELE / SIELE exams of the Instituto Cervantes and Spanish Ministry of Education.  (click here to see our page)

​​​When we engage with the Hispanic world we are often attracted to it because of its stunning environmental richness - awesome both in the cultural and the natural sense. To be able to make the most of such opportunities to engage and discover, we need our communication skills in Spanish to be honed beforehand, especially for these themes - in terms of specific vocabulary and context. This requires not only appropriate knowledge, based on relevant resources. It especially needs expertly guided opportunity to practice listening and speaking, before embarking on one's  travels. Our EnviroSpanish package offers just such opportunity, on-line, from the comfort of your own home, at our unbeatable rate of only US$12 per hour. We will do a diagnostic of your level and learning preferences at the outset, and then develop an individualized, personal study plan with you for your 1-on-1 tuition, geared to the needs of your project or travel.

One-on-one, totally individualised and flexible online conversation course, adapted to your level and interests 

​This more informal, conversation-based course is available for all students, from beginners to advanced. However, it is typically most suited to students who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish and who want to maintain their gains and further build upon it, through regular conversation classes via Skype.  You determine your goals, the pace and scheduling, and we adapt our methods to your learning preferences - whether that be to learn through grammar practice, or whether you hate grammar; whether you enjoy homework or just want to chat.  Don't let your hard-fought gains in Spanish rust away - our tutors will progress your skills and keep you fresh, without stress.

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​eDELE's unique ACCESS course is designed to help you to quickly start communicating, by approaching Spanish from your familiar English linguistic base. In grammar, we focus on the composite tenses (i.e, similar to English) thus avoiding unnecessary "conjugation overload". Since Spanish and English both belong to the Indo-European language family, some 38% of vocabulary actually are related - we teach you the basic "conversion patterns" to transform familiar English words into Spanish. Above all, we practice conversation to help fluency and the very important pronunciation (if you make grammar mistakes, listeners can still mentally compensate and follow; if you mispronounce, they're usually totally lost). Like with all our courses, you will have your own personalised study plan and flexible scedule.

​See a sample of a tutorial video​ ; visit SpanishACCESS Facebook page.


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Expert 1-on-1 Spanish as well as English language tuition online via Skype for specialized outcomes such as exam prep: flexible hours, affordable, convenient. Learn Spanish YOUR way, with free initial diagnostic, personalized study plan and focused study materials in English. SEE OUR RANGE OF SPECIALIZED SPANISH COURSE PACKAGES BELOW:

Preparación experta para exámenes de inglés: 1-a-1 en línea a través de Skype - flexible, asequible y conveniente, con un diagnóstico inicial gratuito y un plan de estudio personalizado, además de materiales de estudio en español y tutores nativos de inglés que también hablan bien el español.

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